Investment Portfolio

The companies listed below are a small sample of AeLION Group's vast portfolio network. Our portfolio is proof that, with hard work and the right partnerships, it is possible to build competitive companies globally. 

We invite you to learn more about our portfolio companies via the descriptions listed below.


CitiMED provides high-quality diagnostic and rehabilitative care to traumatic injury victims throughout South Florida. CitiMED's board-certified physicians specialize in diagnosing and treating accident victims with substantial injuries. CitiMED's licensed medical assistants and physical therapists offer a wide range of treatments to its patients to manage pain and promote healing.

HealthFREE, Inc.

HealthFREE, Inc. is a US-based 501c3 non-profit organization that provides global humanitarian assistance and urgent care during times of crisis. HealthFREE responds to the immediate and long-term needs of communities by working with partner organizations, local communities, and volunteer groups.

Open Speed Imaging

Open Speed Imaging (OSI) is one of South Florida's premier MRI companies. OSI offers cutting-edge imaging technology with expert radiologists and technicians, assuring patients the most comprehensive and accurate diagnostic experience possible.


HDC uses cutting-edge technology to scan in H and CD formats, providing you with all of your exam's scan records on a single disk. This reduces the need to call and drive to several medical offices to pick up your test results.

Elite Holding Group

Elite Holding Group specializes in interstate commercial property acquisition and investment. Its portfolio includes properties across multiple states.

Professional Development Institute

The Professional Development Institute (PDI) is a premier consulting and training company specializing in the development of systems and strategies. PDI's implementation of marketing systems and strategies have afforded their clients windfalls in their respective industries.

Martin Outdoor Media

Martin Outdoor Media (MOM) is rapidly becoming one of the largest outdoor media companies in Florida. MOM currently operates within several major cities with its unique style of outdoor advertisements and city beautification efforts.


Durcon Inc. is one of Florida's fastest growing construction companies specializing in the rehabilitation and transformation of commercial properties, and the designing and building of professional office spaces.


Established in the heart of the design district, Easy Living Design caters to executives and professionals alike. It specializes in office, home, and commercial property designs and layouts.

Alliance Trust

Alliance Trust Company is a growing brokerage firm operating within the United States. It specializes in mergers and acquisitions and commercial property sales and management.


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